Frequently Asked Questions

How do I report an accident or injury on campus?
For emergencies, call 911. For accidents involving vehicle damage, crime,  or violence, report the incident to the UAPD (575-2222). If you were accidentally injured on University property,  while working or participating in a University sponsored event,  complete the Accident Reporting Form.

Where can I find information about chemical toxicity?
 Toxicity information can also be obtained from a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for the the compound in question. Visit the Safety Data Sheets page for additional information. For additional chemical toxicity information you may contact the Chemical Safety Officer, Rick Williams (575-4079).

Who do I contact in EH&S about radiation safety?

The Office of Environmental Health & Safety (575-5448) for radiation safety concerns. More information an be found on the  radiation safety  of our website. The policies and practices with regard to license, procurement, and use of radioactive materials, and sources of ionizing radiation are vested with the Radiation Safety Officer.

What are the correct procedures for hazardous waste disposal?
Follow the directions on the hazardous waste page regarding proper disposal.

How do I report campus safety hazards?
Contact ENHS (575-5448) in order to report campus safety hazards. You may also complete an unsafe condition form to make a report. An evaluation of the hazard will typically be performed the same day it is reported.

How do I find out about asbestos containing materials?
All questions and concerns regarding asbestos in campus buildings may be routed to Environmental Compliance and Safety (575-6175).

Who is responsible for industrial safety, occupational health or public health concerns?

Contact Will Lynch  ( 575- 5448) our Campus Industrial Hygienist or Danielle Best ( 575-2909) our Campus  Safety Officer.

For a complete EH&S staff listing and division of responsibilities, please visit our Contact Us page.